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Every function of the SOAP API that requires authentication must pass in Authentication Parameters. To acquire a set of Authentication Parameters, please use the API found at:

Token and Signature, two values that are returned from the function are then used for every subsequent call to the API. They are used as proxies for your username and password as some users prefer to use the non-SSL option for function calls, in which case, calls made to the API are sent over the Internet unencrypted. The use of proxies prevents unauthorized access to your Upside Wireless account.

The Token parameter will never change for the life of the account whereas the Signature will change if your password changes.


  • If you change your password in your on-line account, you must visit [] to have token/signature re-issued.
  • Your application should store token/signature in a local store, instead of getting them before each sending or other action. Excessive calls to GetParameters function will cause your IP address to be blocked.