Java Sending SMS via SOAP

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The process of sending an SMS using Java is shown using Eclipse with the XFire plugin. XFire is an opensource Java SOAP interface (download XFire)

  • Once you have the plugin installed, add the XFire nature to your project by right clicking on the project and selecting "Add XFire Nature"
  • Then, right click on the project and specify "New > Other...". At the bottom of the list should be an option labeled "Code generation from WSDL Document". Select this option and enter the following into the dialog presented:

Output Directory: <Your source directory>

Package: <Leave Blank> (By leaving this field blank, the default package of the service will be used)
Click Finish and it will build the necessary source files. Repeat the process for:
  • Now that you have both sets of XFire client code generated (one for authentication and the other for sending SMS), now it is time to make a call. The essence of making the call is the following 3 lines of code (it can be reduce down to a single line of code, but that would make debugging difficult):
SMSClient client = new SMSClient();
SMSSoap soap = client.getSMSSoap();
soap.send_Plain(token, signature, "+15557779999", "Hello", SmsEncoding.SEVEN);

Here is the one liner:

new SMSClient().getSMSSoap().send_Plain(token, signature, "+15557779999", "Hello", SmsEncoding.SEVEN);

If you are sending URL in the text of your message please note that special characters like "-", "+", "/" and others MUST be replaced with their safe equivalents (for example %2f).

A complete "Main" style application would look like:

import org.codehaus.xfire.XFireRuntimeException;
import com.upsidewireless.webservice.authentication.AuthenticationClient;
import com.upsidewireless.webservice.authentication.AuthenticationParameters;
import com.upsidewireless.webservice.authentication.AuthenticationSoap;
import com.upsidewireless.webservice.sms.SMSClient;
import com.upsidewireless.webservice.sms.SMSSoap;
import com.upsidewireless.webservice.sms.SmsEncoding;
 * Start of your code
public class SendSms {
	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		 * Execute the retrieval of the token and signature only once.
		 * Preferably from the web interface and store them as Constants
		AuthenticationClient authclient = new AuthenticationClient();
		AuthenticationSoap authsoap = authclient.getAuthenticationSoap();
		AuthenticationParameters authparams = authsoap.getParameters("YourUserName", "YourPassword");
		String token = authparams.getToken();
		String signature = authparams.getSignature();
* We now have the credentials, now build a SOAP client and make the call.
		SMSClient client = new SMSClient();
		SMSSoap soap = client.getSMSSoap();
		soap.send_Plain(token, signature, "+15557779999", "Hello", SmsEncoding.SEVEN);