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This page represents a collection of common issues encountered by our users. If the problem you experienced is not listed below please login to your account and click on the Contact Us link to describe the problem. We will be quick to assist.

1. I coded my application as per examples but I cannot send text messages. Why?

Assuming that your code IS correct, the most common reasons are:

  • Account is not configured to allow you to access EnterpriseSMS API. Login to your account and click on the Contact Us link to request access.
  • Your account has 0 credit balance
  • You are entering phone number in invalid format (remember country_code areacode localnumber - as in 12124445555 or 4477322222222)
  • Encoding is wrong. Make sure that you use either Seven or Sixteen (not 7, sixteen or anything else). In very, VERY, rare situations you would use Eight (binary SMS)

As a general rule, when you make a successful API call the interface will return something similar to:


In your validation routine you can easily parse the received XML block and determine where the problem may be.

2. I made a successful API call but the message was not delivered. Why?

  • Please ensure that the number is typed correctly and in proper format. For example, if you specify number as 6094928888 the message will go to Malaysia. For the message to go to USA you must add country code in front (as in 16094928888)
  • It is possible that the delivery of messages failed. Please login to your account and click on the Contact Us link to let our network ops team of the issue

3. I used to be able to send messages but now I get an error when I try to make API call. Why?

  • Your account password has most likely changed. You must update your Token and Signature to reflect this change.

4. Occassionally I get exception when calling one of your functions. What should I do?

  • Standard practice is to re-try the attempt after a certain period of time. We recommend that in your code is set to re-try after 10-20s at least once, before aborting the attempt. A further improvement to the exception handling of this type is to create a spool into which your application will store any failed messages. A separate thread can then periodically attempt to re-send messages from this spool.

5. How to create New Lines in my SMS messages?

  • Depending on the programming language you can use \n or %0A character sequences in the text of your messages to force text after the character to appear in a new line. For example:

string message = "test message from VS\nAnother line\nThe third line";

6. My messages are cut off at 70 characters. Why?

  • Characters in SMS messages can be GSM7BIT (ASCII) or UNICODE encoded. UNICODE is used to transmit text that contains non-latin characters, for example Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic. As per SMS standard, SMS message that us UNICODE can carry maximum of 70 characters where as GSM7BIT encoded messages can be up to 160 characters long. Use encoding setting Seven to send SMS using GST7BIT encoding or Sixteen to encode your text using UNICODE. If you use Sixteen, your messages can be maximum 70 characters long.

7. Can I use IP address of our server in my API call?

  • NEVER use IP address when making calls to our service. IP address can change at any time and if this happens your application will no longer be able to make requests.

8. Forwarding to my HTTPS does not work. Why?

  • In most cases use of HTTPS protocol requires that we register your certificate with our system. We strongly recommend that you, at least initially, start with non-secure service (HTTP) and once you have completed integration for receiving SMS messages work with our team to install your certificate.

9. I make a successful call of Send_Plain but then, on the phone I get message: "Free Msg: Unable to send message to 12125555555. Please try again without a symbol in the text". Why?

  • This means that you are trying to send UNICODE encoded messages to a carrier that does not support UNICODE (most US carriers do not support UNICODE). Please use value Seven in the Encoding field when calling Send_Plain or Send_Plain_Dedicated functions.

10. After I create a Service Reference to in Visual Studio, I do not have the "SMS" object available to be able to create an object. I only have SMSSoapClient. When I instantiate SMSSoapClient sms = new SMSSoapClient(); I get an error. Do I have to configure the endpoint?

  • Use SMSSoapClient sms = new SMSSoapClient("SMSSoap");