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In some instances having a virtual, dedicated SMS number is required to receive incoming (MO) messages. These cases are mostly important for business/corporate users who want to collect information from their partners, employees or customers. The applications are limitless but some of them include:

  • Non-premium SMS campaigns - The benefit is that you can be set up in about 3-5 business days at cost 5-10 times lower than having a dedicated premium SMS number
  • Pooling (publish your dedicated number and collect opinion from your customers)
  • Marketing (giveaways, contests. In return you get consent from your customers to send them SMS advertising)
  • Medical trials (clinical trials) - ask members of the panel to SMS their results to your dedicated SMS number. Collected information goes straight into your database - for ultimate efficiency.
  • Call-back long distance - Publish your virtual SMS number overseas. Your customers then send a number of the person in USA they want to talk to your virtual SMS number. The number of the sender and the number of the other party are then sent to your application and a voice call is established at a low international tariff between these two numbers.

Virtual SMS number can be associated with any Enterprise account. An account can have multiple VirtualSMS numbers assigned to it. Once this is done, all messages received by your number will be forwarded into your Inbox. They can also be, simultaneously, forwarded to an application (HTTP), email account, another mobile phone or any combination of these devices.

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