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EnterpriseSMS API offers simple and efficient method for connecting corporate applications to the global SMS networks without having to deal with telecom contracts, routing and complex messaging protocols. Upside runs a highly reliable, redundant, telecommunications platform called SideWinderSMS which connects to all global SMS networks. The EnterpriseSMS API attaches to this proprietary platform and exposes minimal set of functions needed to deliver your messages to any mobile phone on the Planet. Similarly, mobile originated messages (such as replies) can be delivered to your application using the same method.

Your applications can take advantage of this common and well understood protocol to send and receive messages as per your business requirements.

How to Start

To use the API you must have an account with Upside Wireless service and the account must be configured to allow API access. To get going

  • Click here to create a new account
  • Proceed to add SMS capability to your application.

We highly recommend that you first visit EnterpriseSMS API home and manually invoke the API. See an example here. This will help you quickly understand the requirements.

How to Send SMS Messages using SOAP

How to Process Incoming SMS Messages

Message Delivery Receipts

SMPP 3.4

Our API includes standard SMPP 3.4 protocol server. SMPP connection support TRANSCIEVER connections from compatible SMPP 3.4 clients with throughput of up to 50 SMS/second. This is the fastest connection method and fastest to implement as there is no custom development required. TRANSCIVER mode supports incoming SMS (MO), outgoing SMS (MT) and delivery notifications (DLR). To use SMPP connection please follow the steps below:

  • Click here to create a new account and purchase a desired messaging plan
  • Contact us and let us know your user name and IP address where your SMPP client is located
  • We will setup your account and you can then start messaging

Integration ERP Messaging Services


How to Send SMS Messages using SMTP

This section discusses initiating SMS sending requests using SMTP interface (email to SMS). We recommend that you first review the SOAP method as it offers richer functionality and better security/authentication.